About us

About us


The designerteam behind Monsius products is also the team behind DanishWalls.

Mogens Buus, illustrator, designer & creator

Jesper Haun, artist, designer & webmaster

Annette Møs, creator and teaches music & creative movement


Our company is based on quality, creativity and credibility.

All products are made in Denmark.



We develop and design our ideas and products together with competent professional crafts people.

We are proud to share that users’ feedback and research show that our initiatives and stories are right on the spot inspiring and catalysing creative processes. Simply because the best way to learn is through active participation, when you are playing, moving around having a good time - and being challenged to use your imagination.

That kind of interaction helps us to learn about ourselves, others and develop skills and social abilities.

With Monsius products you get a unique creative platform for physical activities, music and dance.


If you have special requests like floors and walls for schools, kindergarten or other institutions, we are here to help.