Ball carpet tiles

Ball carpet tiles

Ball carpet tiles

24 carpet tiles 31 x 31 cm (12 x 12 inches)

2-24 players
Age 3-10
For indoor use only

24 colorful carpet tiles with ball activities that children can perform alone or in couples.
Instructions of how to use the tiles are included.

The tiles are suitable for nurseries, preschools, kindergartens, schools and after school care, sports clubs, libraries, hospitals and clinics, amusement parks, indoor play parks, as well as teaching material for inclusion purposes.

More about the carpet tiles

The ball carpet tiles illustrate exercises with a ball to improve different skills: regulation of own powers, attention, concentration, coordination, rhythm, space, balance, teamwork, timing and left/right.
By talking about the different exercises, the children practice language skills, such as prepositions: up, down, under, between, in front, behind, on the side etc. There are instructions included but only the fantasy sets limits. The tiles are developed and produced in Denmark. The front is printed with water-based colors on a 100% polyester pile. After printing, the tiles get a heat treatment so that the colors are fixed in the fibers. The reverse side is made of natural rubber and is without phthalates.


  • Regulate own powers
  • Increase body and space awareness

  • Increase strength, attention and coordination

  • Improve rhythm and timing

  • Improve motor skills

  • Enjoy movement

  • Improve teamwork

  • Know left/right


  • Easy to unpack, use and put away again
  • Can be used with or without preparation

  • Can be modulated for the target group

  • Can start with a few easy tiles and gradually add more

  • Can go into depth with an exercise

  • A good tool for inclusion purposes

  • The tiles can be spot cleaned with warm water


  • Weight 4,5kg (10 lb.)
  • 24 tiles 31 x 31cm (12 x 12 inch.)

  • Materials

    • Front: printed with water-based colors on a 100% polyester pile. Heat treatment so that the colors are fixed in the fibers

    • Bottom: natural rubber without phthalates

  • Instructions included

  • CE approved

  • Made in Denmark

All carpets, tiles and seat mats are Danish-produced and live up to the EU standard for home furnishing. The back is natural rubber and does not contain thalater. The colors are water-based, and after printing, the carpet is heat-treated so that the colors are encapsulated in the fibers of the carpet. The carpet is cleaned with water and cloth.